For 20 years, I have been on a mission to define what's next in wealth management with a band of fellow entrepreneurs, software developers, researchers, agile contributors, and makers.  All of our work was to bring simplicity, understanding, and ultimately peace of mind to the end investors serviced by our community.  Today I am connecting capital, intellectual and economic, with the entrepreneurial pioneers committed to leveraging technology in defining what's next in their markets.

Jamie has been wanting to put testimonials on his corporate website since he was born and the SEC just wouldn’t let him. As soon as somebody says something nice about him, this is where it will be!
— Brilliant Person, Recognizable organization

Prior roles that provide context

Corporate Highlights

  • Co-founded four different companies in the wealth management and technology industry with aggregate values in the $100 millions.
  • Served roles as CEO, President, CTO, COO, and all others.
  • Built the first and only High Net Worth focused asset management platform.
  • Delivered solutions to over 100 of the best independent wealth management companies in the industry.
  • Constructed investment performance systems that reported on over $80 billion in assets.
  • Certified in investment performance measurement (CIPM)

Personal Highlights

  • Have backed over 200 Kickstarter projects; from Pebble to Potato Salad
  • Published article on equity crowdfunding.
  • Helped fund a film for a friend not interested in the Hollywood version of his vision
  • Wrote and recorded a duet with my daughter
  • On a continuous quest to rewire myself:
  • Majored in Computer Science at Virginia Tech
  • Minoring today in small batch bourbons and single malt scotch
  • Rewired a financial thriller with my father
  • Log enough hours in each installment of Call of Duty to Prestige at least twice.  Platinum on Overwatch. 

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Music Video - "Don't Grow up on Me", a duet with my daughter

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