Rewire Philosophy

It is the nature of things to gain complexity over time.  As new problems develop, industrious people wire up new solutions.  Wires are connected to other wires and are threaded through the growing structure as new issues are introduced and rapidly solved.  Over time, the added load and sheer amount of new connections creates issues of size and scope and administration.  Now, adjacent industries are created around the core problem just to handle the new complexity.  More work is created, but somehow the work becomes less satisfying as it is pushed further away from the nature of its source.

It’s a bit tired to reference the tax code as an example of complexity that has built over time.   Unfortunately the ineffectiveness and inefficiencies are universally understood which make it a prime example for what goes wrong when you attack one-off problems over time by connecting a new wire.  What originally started in 1913 as 400 pages is now pushing 75,000 (inclusive of all reforms over time – the ghosts of tax codes past).  At least here, the impacts of compounded wiring are so visible that brave pioneers are compelled to take a step back and ask the fundamental question: What’s a fair way to raise revenue for the government and continue to spur economic growth? 

This yields potential solutions like FairTax (not an endorsement) at 133 pages it constitutes a dramatic simplification of our tax environment. 

My interests lie in the heart of creativity and the entrepreneurs that push the rules to the side and ask even more fundamental questions.   One’s that question the purpose of governmental revenue and ask does funding that organization yield the best results in all areas?  At its heart why not ask the more empowering question: How can a society fund common good projects?

This can lead to far more straightforward solutions like crowdsourcing capital for:

Aligning and igniting the passion of individuals to solve problems in straightforward yet creative ways.  That’s what rewiring is about. 

I am searching for the pioneers that are embracing the power of technology, following their passions, and looking at marketplaces completely muddled with legacy wiring, ripping the connections apart and providing simple, straightforward solutions where producers and consumers are efficiently connected.  

Businesses that have accumulated new practices over time that have clouded their fundamental purpose.

People who can’t see the wiring they have created in their minds that has in fact disconnected them from what’s in their heart. 

The rewire philosophy will grow by investing seed capital in startup businesses, mentorship to burgeoning entrepreneurs, and connections to a network of investors and builders that want to deliver simple and elegant technology driven answers to tomorrow's problems.

For those of you that know me from the wealth management space; don’t worry.  I’ll be back.  Believe me, there’s a lot of rewiring work to be done there.  Subscribe here to keep in touch, e-mail me to get involved, and as always let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you.