Ready to Rewire?


Barriers to entry for entrepreneurs are gone.

The relationship economy is upon us. 

Many of us remain tangled in a complex set of societal, bureaucratic, and personal wiring that becomes entwined over time.  Each new problem wired with a separate solution.

Rewire Capital empowers the visionaries that step back - identify foundational problems - and wire simple solutions.

If you are seeking funding, in need of expertise, looking to take a new step, or want to be plugged in to the current we see:

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 Current Investments

Projects actively rewiring fundamental problems.  Most projects are active personal investments.  Understanding who they are, and how they win, can help you look at problems differently.  You may even be inspired to get involved.

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Connect the Wires

Are you leading the next company to rewire a marketplace?  Or do you want to join one? Rewire projects and investments are continuously looking for capital: investment, relationship, and intellectual.  Connect up to fuel passion . . . including yours.

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